Leopard Safari in Jawai

Leopard Safari is one of the premium activities of Jawai and Bera. There are 55 leopards counted in April 2017 along with cubs. Increasing population of leopards in 60 kilometre area of Jawai, makes Jawai and Bera the best place in the world for leopard sightings and photography. These predators are settled among the human villages for their daily diet of shepherd livestock and street dogs, but their is not even a single causality between humans and leopards

As per our research and daily tracking, we have sorted 9 leopard safari zone where we take our visitors for leopard safari in Jawia and Bera and for wildlife photography. Leopard safari in Jawai is operated two in time in a day, early morning and evening in our customized safari vehicle, generally it takes 3-4 hours to complete one time leopard safari, although the hours may be less if leopard sighting is in closer zone.

The peculiarity of Jawai leopard safari is, you will never disappoint with leopard sightings in Jawai. Jawai safaris are the leading leopard safari operators in Bera and Jawai, we have our well trained drivers, trackers and guides who keep great knowledge of Jawai and bera leopards behaviour. To experience the life of leopards in jawai leopard hills, visit Jawai or Bera and revel in leopard safari with Jawai safaris

Book Your Leopard Safari
. You can even book leopard safari on phone +91-9610460985 ,Jawai safari's always meet your safari expectation and the best part is we operate leopard safari 12 months of year.

Birdlife Safari in Jawai

Jawai is perfect place for birding of migratory Birds and other regular found birds in this area are:

Greater Flamingo

Cranes - Demoiselle, Sarus and Common

Bar Headed Goose

Ruddy Shelduck(Brahminy Duck)

Egret and Cormorant

Peregrine Falcon



White Pelican

Black winged Stilt

Eagle Owl


Black winged kite



River Turn

Jungle Safari in Jawai

Jawai is home of majestic animals to walk around the jungle, while in safari with us you will find


Sloth Bear


Wild boar


Blue bull (Nilgai)

wild dogs

Jungle cats

Jawai Safari's operates jungle safari in Night and as well as in early morning.

Crocodile Sightings in Jawai

Crocodiles are found in large number in Jawai Dam throught the year. As per the 2014 sensex there are more then 500 crocodiles in Jawai Dam.

Around the bank of Jawai river and Jawai Dam crocodile taking sun bath in day time. The safari for corcodile is operated between 1:00 pm to 4:00pm . As we have our own spot for crocodile sightings where one can easily spot and take pictures.

Tribal Safari in Jawai