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Jawai Safari's

Jawai Safari is engaged in wildlife safari at Jawai leopard sanctuary in rajasthan since from 2011. Jawai safari conducts several safaris like leopard safari in Bera, Migratory Bird watching in Jawai, Crocodile sightings in Jawai, nature safari and village safari.

With the Knowledge of Leopards and kindness toward these predators and Migratory birds, as well as with the years of safari experiences we make our safari passengers completely satisfied with Leopard sightings in Jawai and Bera and give them life time overjoyed memories of leopard safari in Jawai and Bera.

Main objective of Jawai safari is to make every visitor witness astonishing leopards of Bera and Jawai, make them feel mundane life of predators, Birds, ducks and aquatic animals.

Experience of Leopard Safari in Bera with Jawai Safari's will be definitely overwhelming, adventures and we ensure that you will have the finest and most memorable safari experience in Jawai and Bera . Sometime we even take guarantee to spot you Leopards in safari when tracking and movement of leopards is appropriate.

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Jawai Area

Jawai is clandestine in north western region of rajasthan in District pali . Jawai area is scattered over 60 kilometer of radius covering 16 villages, 9 leopard safari points, a Jawai Bandh (water reservier) with the deepth of 62 feet deep which isspread over 5km range and in every direction you will see prodigious formation of mountains with lava rocks. While you make entry in this area these lava rocks will confirm you the right way to reach jawai.

Apart from this, Jawai is also blessed with undomesticated animal species like leopards, hyena, sloth bear, blue bull, blackbuck, wild boar, jackal, fox etc. on part of birdlife, there are 115 bird species found in this area, with 65 of them are migratory and found them from November to mid of april. Flamingo and cranes are prime attraction for visitors.


(1) Where is Jawai Leopard Sanctuary?

Jawai Leopard Sanctuary is in District pali of western rajasthan, enroute between udaipur and Jodhpur.

(2) Things to do in Jawai and Bera ?

Jawai is known for leopard Sanctuary , tourist visit Jawai for leopard safari to Sight Leopards in open ground and on lava rocks, Migratory Birds watching, historical temple visit, village safari. For more detail visit below link of Jawai safari's blog.

Things to do in Jawai and Bera

(3)Bera and Jawai are the name of same destination ?

Yes, Bera and Jawai are the name of same destination . Jawai is the name of entire forest area where leopard safari and other outdoor activity is is conducted and Bera is the name of small village where hotels and small market is located.

(4) How to reach Jawai ?

You can reach jawai through road, by train or by Air. The nearest Airport is Udaipur and Jodhpur, both are at same distance. Nearest railway station is Jawai Bandh. Very good road connectivity is also avilable to reach jawai. For more details on how to reach jawai, contact us.

(5) How to Book Leopard Safari in Jawai?

To book Leopard safari in Jawai, just make us call or place inquiry through our contact form , our represntative will revert you immediately.

(6) Who will assist you?

Jawai safaris will be taking care of your Leopard safari in Bera, Jawai and other outdoor activites. We have customised Gypsy which is specially designed for leopard safari and other wildlife activities. We have trained, professional and knowledgeable drivers, who will be taking care of safari services.